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Socially Awkward Cards for socially awkward people

Socially Awkward Cards have been expertly designed to accurately convey what you are actually thinking for all of life’s important card-giving events. The messages are heartfelt because they are true.

Other great things: they stand out among other greetings cards, and make excellent gifts for co-workers, family and loved ones to cherish. While we don’t discourage giving them to complete strangers, you’re a braver person than us if you do. Because you’re talking to strangers. And that’s weird. But you should absolutely buy some regardless!

We print on thick, luxurious card that feels absolutely fantastic in the hands, and deliver that alongside crisp white envelopes thick enough that you can’t see straight through it.

Our cards also arrive without any messages written on the inside, because you’re smart enough to figure that part out on your own.

Socially Awkward Cards is another project from Coffee & Unicorns, an independent creative studio that likes making silly things. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see what we’re up to at the moment. And quite frankly, it’d be a crying shame if you didn’t. I mean, we’re not literally about to start crying if you don’t. But we’re not far off.